Student Visa: 

We do student visa service for United Kingdom, Canada. USA and Australia.  We are the direct agent of many universities. Based on your requirements we are here to help you to chose universities. We will make your journey much easier to study in your desired universities.

Scholarship Facilities:

Financial condition is very from student to student. But we all have intention to take our higher education from developed countries like United Kingdom. Considering your academic qualifications, we can try to manage up to 50% scholarship for students. Besides this, We can also manage 100% scholarship for some courses at some universities 

Free Admission Services:

We will facilitate you free admission and consultation about your preferred course.

Career Advice:

Future job market will be more competitive, and candidates will have to compete not only with others candidate but also robot as well. To sustain with this competition, students must opt right course that will make value to employer once they will be graduate. We are happy to provide you guidance that will support you to find effortless employment in the future.

Airport pickup:

After getting visa, students are always concern about who will receive them from airport or where they will go. We will provide student free airport pickup facilities, so students do not have to concern about this issue.

Accommodation Service:

We can provide students accommodation facilities such as arrange private accommodation or university dormitory.